New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is telling friends and staff he is taking a role with the Trump administration, according to a source close to the White House.

The GOP governor’s position has not been worked out, but he would not replace ­Reince Preibus as the president’s chief of staff, the source said.

“Trump told him to be patient,” the source said. “Christie will only take something where he is answerable to the president.”

Trump told the Wall Street Journal last month that “at some point, we’re going to do something with Chris.” But the White House said it has not offered Christie a position.

Christie spokesman Brian Murray said it was “absolutely untrue” he told staff he would take a role.

“The governor dismissed this type of speculation this past week and said he plans to finish out his term as governor,” he said.

A little insight, I am a huge Chris Christie guy. Not really into politics, but I grew up in Jersey and something just warms my heart knowing that my Governor is basically the human embodiment of everything that the great state is – a big fat pile of corrupt steaming garbage.  Well now the time has come for Chris to move on to bigger and brighter things.  Word on the street is that he informed his staff that he will be taking some sort of position in D.C.

Better late than never right Chris? Wrong. If I was Christie, I would rather shove my fupa into extra small baseball pants and play catcher for 9 innings, than take the peanuts left over after Trump carved up the White House.  At some point we are going to do something with Chris?! For god sakes, Donald when are you gonna stop treating this man like a slow leak under your kitchen sink, and just realize that burning bridges is much worse than just closing a lane.

I can’t wait to see what job is thrown at him. Literally drooling to see what route Trump takes here. Does he make him town dog catcher just to set him up in some sort of Presidential purgatory? Makes the guy drag his whole family down and just appoints Chris to be the head of the Presidential Fitness Award just to fuck with  him. Wouldn’t be surprised after all the the reverse expertise formula that POTUS seems to employ so much.

If we are lucky, he gets some job like Food and Beverage Chairman of the White House and goes on a Sam Rothstein overhaul making sure equal amounts of chocolate chips are in each muffin. Just plows over the health initiative Michelle Obama had in place for 8 years, stocks those shelves with M&M’s  and starts unpacking his bags. Guy Fieri hired as White House Chef… water fountains replaced with fruit punch… those types of things. You know,  A role where he can showcase his true talents.