Disclaimer- This is not a hot take by any means. Half of the internet HATES Lena Dunham with a passion and that includes me. I’m going to try my best to separate the delusional idiot who thinks she’s a politician from the delusional idiot who thinks she’s an artistic voice of a generation and represents all women on earth.



Why am I writing about this? Because I’m a guy who lives with a girl who watches Girls. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even like it anymore but she feels compelled to see it through because it’s the final season. I gave the show a chance but only made it halfway through season 1 before I had to bail. Everything about it made me irrationally angry. But now she is watching this season live and I’m in the room indirectly absorbing it… which develops into grabbing my full attention because fuck that girl Hannah and everything she does/says/feels/breaths. Although I hate it, I do understand how people could be hooked on the show and watch it religiously. They’re either the psychopaths who love to feel awkward and need help feeling emotions because they’re dead inside. OR they’re just as delusional as Lena and think that the world should love them and everything they do because they’re special non-denominational and all-inclusive unicorns.


I felt like I was being dragged into one of Dunham’s sick fantasies during the season premiere on Sunday night. I feel like this every episode but I’ll keep it on track with just this one. I kept waiting for the show to end with Hannah waking up and it all being a dream. Hey Hannah, why would you suddenly get a job as an investigative reporter/writer and sent to a surfing camp all expenses paid? Hey Hannah, what the fuck did you think you’d do there if you hate the beach, sand, sunlight, and surfing?? Hey Hannah, do you really think the hot surfing instructor would actively pursue fucking you despite the rest of the girls there being sexy, hot and acrobatic yoga enthusiasts???  Hey Hannah, GTFO. I honestly felt like I was sexually assaulted when she suddenly flashed her pubes in order to get comfortable… Nobody ever wanted to see your vagina, nobody enjoys it, nobody feels good about watching you roll around having whale sex. You think you’re doing a good thing by making it ok for real women to do these things (which it is, be comfortable with who you are girls) when actually you’re making poor women with body issues TERRIFIED of being themselves for fear of looking like YOU.  You’re not a real person. You’re a 30 year old infant living in your own world and fighting anyone trying to wake you up.

I don’t want this to come off as me shaming a fat person who is comfortable with her body, I really don’t feel that way. Besides she’s not that fat. Just really doughy. My hatred comes from her being a vile and disgusting person on the inside. She’s a selfish, rude, obnoxious megalomaniac who judges everyone and is offended if anyone judges her. Hypocrite is a kind word for her level of hypocrisy.



No I’m not. Why? Because although technically one is a real person and the other is not, they’re both the same person. Lena Dunham created Girls. She writes the episodes, directs them, stars in them, and is even the executive producer of the show. Lena is Hannah. Hannah is Lena. There is no distinction between the two because neither of them are recognizable as humans in a society. She’s created a playground for herself because who could stop her? Who’s going to criticize the star/director/writer/producer/creator?? Nobody. We have created a monster simply by allowing her to believe she’s an artist. She’s not an artist, she just has the means to play out her fantasies on camera and people can’t look away.

Oh and people forget she molested her baby sister.