We all know what happened. La La Land won Best Picture but then WHOOPS they lost to Moonlight. This video is incredible stuff. We went on a roller coaster of emotions and blame over the course of 2 minutes.

Originally it looked like Warren Beatty screwed it all up. He took the brunt of the internet heat and had the country thinking he was some senile old man who didn’t understand what he was doing. But then he got the chance to explain himself, and things started to make sense. He was given the wrong card. I looked back at the original announcement and its pretty clear… I mean look at his face, he’s clearly saying “oh shit this is wrong” and showed Faye Dunaway the card to clue her into the situation, but she just blurted out LA LA LAND! instead.


So who’s the biggest asshole?

I don’t care who was to blame. Mistakes happen. I’m interested in pointing out who the biggest assholes were. The ones who handled this all wrong. The ones who made it all worse. That’s my mission, and here they are in ascending order.

Innocent: Warren Beatty-
He’s totally clean here. In fact, he never even announced a winner. He was just there taking all the heat. It was Faye Dunaway who announced the wrong winner.

Innocent: Faye Dunaway-
Originally I was going to peg her for the worst one here, but that’s simply not right. She was excited and just read the card. Can’t fault her for that.

2nd Runner Up: Martha Ruiz or Brian Cullinan-
These two are responsible for the envelopes. Fun fact: there are 2 full sets of envelopes. More on that below. One of these two handed Warren the wrong envelope. Literally their only job that night is to hand over correct envelopes and they failed. I know I said mistakes happen and I’m not looking to blame anyone, but I lied and I want to blame them.
Runner Up: This Guy-
Capture.JPGNo idea who he is, I’m sure I could search but it’s not worth it. You can see him in the background before he takes the mic to thank everyone, he knew they lost but he took the mic anyways. And to finish it up with “oh by the way we lost” was the most petty and dickish thing ever. He knew the situation and carried on anyways. Was he looking for pitty? Was he trying to be the one who got to announce the mistake? I’m not sure but I genuinely despise the move.

Biggest Asshole: Emma Stone-
Yes. Emma Stone found her way to the top of my list. Why? because of the :37 mark of this video…

Oh ok, FUCK YOU Emma. “I was holding my best actress card the entire time.  I don’t mean to start stuff, but whatever story that was… I had that card”. She’s taking a direct shot at Warren Beatty, the sweet old man with a decades of acting experience and a billion times more clout than little Ms. Stone here. HOW DARE YOU. You didn’t know what was going on but you most certainly meant to “start stuff”.

Guess what Emma, there are 2 envelopes for every category. One on each side of the stage. The whole timeline was laid out by the Telegraph in great detail so I recommend checking that out.

I’m glad Moonlight won, because I picked them to win and it sent me to a 17 out of 24 finish. I’m also glad we got to see Emma look like a dickhead. She was starting to be too perfect for her own good.