b2c345be5f4fe98e6ed5bc4ecc2473e0.jpgI’m not saying you should do anything about it, because that sounds exhausting. But you should definitely get pissed off about it. I can NOT believe the Celtics are among the first to pull this shit. The most classic uni in the game and now they’re branded by General Electric… at least it matches.

Why should you care?

“I don’t care what they look like, I watch the game not the players” – a dickhead.
Fine, I won’t try and argue the merits of a good looking uniform. Instead I’ll ask anyone who loves a team and doesn’t care about uniform ads this one question: Do you enjoy getting fucked and laughed at? Because that’s whats happening.

Scenario: You have a hot girlfriend. You’re happy with her and things are going well. She tells you one day “hey, this guy offered me $30,000 to get his name tattooed on my tit, nothing more” Sounds great right?  It can be covered up with an average shirt, so really you’re the only person who is going to be seeing it. $30K is worth that. So she gets it done and things go on as they were. You don’t see any of that money because she’s only your girlfriend, not your place to ask for a cut obviously. But she starts to buy nice things that you enjoy like a bigger tv, hotter clothes, better food. Awesome! Then a year later another guy comes along and offers $50k for his face on her ass. This is a little weirder than the first, but hey it’s $50k and no one will see that tattoo except you. It’s fine!  Life is getting better and better for her. She’s spending more time with her friends because you have to work another job to try and keep up with her lifestyle. Kinda sucks but you love her and you see this whole thing paying off once you get that ring. Another year passes and she comes home one day with a tattoo of another guy’s name stretching all the way down her arm for $100k, and promised her leg to another guy for $250k. You’ve let your woman get permanently branded by 4 other dudes who make more money than you could ever imagine and she’s asking around for more buyers.

If that didn’t convince you try this:


I don’t have to say another fucking word.

REAL TALK: The only reason to sell ad space like the hockey uniforms above is to reduce the burden of operations costs. The NBA, MLB, NFL, and NHL don’t currently have a problem making money. If you actually think the sale of ad space on your team’s jersey will result in a reduced cost of tickets or concessions you are out of your god damn mind. Owners like to do one thing and one thing only: print money. They’ve created a culture where it’s “normal” to spend $9.50 on a 12oz beer and pay $40 for a seat 400′ away from home plate. Every decision they make fucks you, the fan, directly in the ass. Although how far up it goes varies on a case by case basis.