Source –  The two accountants in charge of handing out the envelopes at the 2017 Academy Awards “froze” when La La Land was mistakenly announced as the Best Picture winner over Moonlight, this according to the show’s stage manager… “I’m sure they’re very lovely people, but they just didn’t have the disposition for this,” Natoli said. “You need somebody who’s going to be confident and unafraid. I was in the wings stage left with Jimmy [Kimmel] when they announced La La Land,” Natoli explained. “We watched for about 10 more seconds, and during that entire time, Martha was no more than five feet away from us. When La La Land was announced, she did not try to get my attention, she did not say anything. And she’s supposed to have memorized the winners.”
The veteran stage manager said he immediately told other stage managers in the wings to get Cullinan and Ruiz onstage to correct the error. But, he added, both the accountants hesitated….
A spokesperson for PwC told PEOPLE Ruiz and Cullinan were “taken off the Academy Awards but they still remain partners at the firm.” Furthermore, the company said that both accountants have security guards after personal details and pictures of their homes were posted online.


This is it, my last post dedicated to this topic. It’s been 5 days since the wrong envelope was opened on stage at the Oscars, sending the world into mass hysteria.  The mistake made headlines around the world, featured on the national news, every media outlet on earth carried this story. This has never happened in the Oscar’s 89 year history.
It was a huge deal.

Or was it?

Brian Cullinan handing over the wrong envelope is inexcusable. He and Martha Ruiz are partners at PwC, so they’re good at what they do. They tabulate the results from the 6,687 members of the Academy, bring the results to the stage, and hand out each envelope. It’s extremely simple. Each envelope has the category printed on the outside to make it even easier. The fact that Brian was able to screw up the easiest job imaginable is dumbfounding. He was careless and deserved to be relieved of his Oscars position.

But so much more bullshit happened. For some reason Ruiz got fired too. Not from her real job, but from ever working for the Oscars again. WHY? Why would you lump her into this for doing nothing wrong? Yeah, she didn’t sprint to the mic to correct it but her timing wouldn’t have made a difference. The wrong name was read and that wasn’t because of her. What was the result? Oh man, La La Land thought they won but they didn’t. That sucks! There are worse things in the world to worry about. Getting a paper cut would rank higher on the tragedy scale. Ruiz lost her job because of something less unfortunate than a paper cut which she had nothing to do with. If Cullinan shows up dead one day, Ruiz is the automatic top suspect and I don’t think anyone would fault her for it.

And now I’m reading about them getting personal security guards because of online threats??? Jesus christ! They’re nobodys. They’re accountants. They had absolutely zero impact on anyone’s lives but of course there are psychopaths out there who make this so much bigger than it really is.

A man is getting threatened because he handed someone the wrong envelope. What a world.