New York Post

Sarah Gable, a 52-year-old from Pennsylvania, was fired from her job at a day-care center and charged with assault after she was caught on video pushing a 4-year-old girl down a flight of stairs. The building’s security cameras apparently had been installed earlier on the day of the incident.

Ah yes. Good old classical conditioning at its finest. Sarah has become so used to cross checking this 4 year old down the stairs it’s become an subconscious part of her daily routine. You don’t think about putting your car in park, or locking your door when your off to work, you just do it. This is second nature to her at this point, so much so that a mere 30 minutes after the cameras were installed she sends this poor girl down a flight or two. You know she had that inner monologue with herself as she passed some dude on a ladder installing the surveillance

” Shit, make sure you don’t knee little Suzie in the spine this morning, cameras are being put up right in my sweet spot”

Over and over that day she kept reminding herself. Then she turned the corner as she does every day with her least favorite child and the instincts just kicked in. The senses starting tingling, just like Pavlov’s dog when the bell rings.  Just as she does every day on her way to arts and crafts, she heard the child whine, probably got a whiff of soiled spot in the carpet, and then she saw her time card. She blacks out like Will Ferrell at a political debate and  the next thing she knows shes staring into a camera after assaulting a toddler.

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“Fuck I Just Did it Again Didn’t I”