The internet went wild for this 3 minute teaser that definitely had nothing to do with the sequel’s storyline. It was just a friendly reminder that Deadpool is awesome and can own your attention for 3 minutes by barely trying. “Deadpool takes too long to get into costume, person dies because of it” that’s it.

The biggest thing for the casual fan to take away from this is that Deadpool is a self aware comicbook character. He’s seen superman so he thinks he’s supposed to change in a phone booth. He’s seen the Avenger movies and has no time for Stan Lee’s gratuitous cameo. He not only breaks the 4th wall, he references our reality outside of his comic. Like asking which actor he’d be seeing, James McAvoy or Patrick Stewart, when he’s being dragged to talk with Professor X. It’s the simplest thing but it makes him so much more entertaining as a character.

There are hundreds of websites breaking down this trailer like the Zapruder film, looking for clues and Easter eggs hidden deep in the subtle details. Have they all gone crazy? The creators of Deadpool are aware this would happen. Isn’t it more probable than not they’d intentionally try and fuck with these nerds? The graffiti everyone’s analyzing probably means nothing. That scrolling text at the end is just Deadpool’s book report on “the old man and the sea” It’s nonsense. The one exception is “Nathan Summers coming soon” on the phone booth because we know Cable aka Nathan summers is in the sequel. But that’s it.

So while everyone else is digging deep, I’m more concerned with the obvious. Why did Deadpool call Laird, the real-world guy who created the costume? He even talked about it after. I think this is a not-so-subtle way of telling the world he’s getting an upgrade to the costume, slight tweaks or changes. Historically deadpool’s suit has stayed pretty much the same, but like Batman there are dozens of slight variations.

Yup that’s my take. I think the creators are laughing at the world for searching for non-existent clues while the big detail is being overlooked because it’s too obvious.

Current suit:

My favorite version has more black involved:

And then you have the wild variants created for specific storylines and team ups