Peoria – The Bradley girl’s basketball game had a special half-time performance at their game on Sunday.
Hy-Vee partnered up with Bradley to attempt to break the world record for the most people making sandwiches simultaneously.
Every person who attended the game got free turkey and cheese sandwich ingredients to attempt to break the record at halftime.

The number to beat was 2,586. No word yet on whether or not they beat their goal.

There are two important pieces of information here.

1. The sandwiches were two slices of bread, a slice of turkey and a slice of cheese. That’s the equivalent of pouring chicken broth into a bowl and saying you made soup. Sure it’s technically a sandwich, it’s cheap and easy but it’s still very disappointing.

“No word yet on whether or not they beat their goal.” Yikes. No news is bad news and these folks just put a lot of effort into falling short of breaking a world record. I’m not sure how strict Guinness is when it comes to this but I hope the don’t fuck around. It would be a shame to hand a record over out of sympathy.

Since we don’t know the official results I took it upon myself to do some research. A whole, three people tweeted about the event while it was happening. Luckily one of them included a picture.



You’re probably looking at that picture and thinking, there’s no way there are over 2,500 people in that crowd. You’d be correct. I took the time to zoom in and count each section.




My final count comes out to 672 people. We’ll round that up to 700 to be generous and because I’m stupid. Unless there are 1,886 people hiding in the rafters Bradley fell WAY short of the record. Which makes you wonder why they didn’t just google records that landed around the 700 mark and try to beat that. Or invent their own world record. The most people to untie and tie their shoes at the same time! The most people to fake sneeze all at the same time! Anything. They could have come up with anything.
To make matters worse Bradley also didn’t win the basketball game they were playing against Wichita State. If any Wichita State fans made the sandwich they are losers. You don’t help other schools set records.

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