DailyMail – An elderly grandmother in a wheelchair has been left with horrific bruises after a shopper beat her in the bread aisle of a Walmart store.
Sandra McClung, 75, was doing her grocery shopping in Atlanta, Georgia, on Sunday in a motorized cart when another woman almost collided with her in the aisle. 

McClung told police the woman, since identified as Alexis Venderburg, yelled an expletive at her as she told her to move her motorized shopping cart.

‘I thought she was going to go around,’ McClung told Alive11. ‘She looked at me and she said: ‘I want to get some bread, white b****.’

The grandmother admitted that as she wheeled away she muttered ‘you‘re the b****’.

McClung said Venderburg must have heard because she followed her down the aisle and started punching her in the face.

‘There wasn’t anybody in the aisle, and the next thing you know she was jumping on me,’ she said.

The police report alleges Venderburg punched the woman so hard she was left with facial bruising and a bloody nose.

McClung told police her attacker fled the store after the attack but accidentally dropped her cell phone in the elderly woman’s shopping cart.

Police were able to uncover Venderburg’s identity by unlocking the phone and retrieving her contact information.
Venderburg could face simple assault and battery charges once police track her down.


There are two people at fault here. Number one is Alexis Venderburg. Reason being, she beat up an elderly lady in a scooter. You simply can’t do that. But more importantly, if you beat up an old lady you cannot, you CANNOT drop your phone in her shopping cart. That’s tagging a building with your full name and home address in graffiti. I don’t expect my assaulters of the elderly to be smart but I don’t expect them to be brain dead either.

The rest of the fault lies with any loved ones of Sandra. If you are related to this old lady you need to make sure she doesn’t shop at the Walmart in Atlanta Georgia. Peapod her some groceries. Find other stores in the area for her to go to. Do whatever you can to not let her ride around a Walmart in Atlanta on a scooter. Can’t have it. It’s not guaranteed that she will get punched in the face but it’s also not guaranteed that she won’t get punched in the face and that’s the problem.

As far as the bruises on the arms go, any good judge will throw those out the window as unreliable evidence. My Nana’s legs looked like that on a regular basis. I’m pretty sure a big gust of wind left a bruise.

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