This is going to be a disaster. I started off this blog with a positive mindset. Statistics supporting that Marshall is a good WR, would work well in the system, has that height and athleticism to go up and grab some of Eli’s hospital passes, blah, blah. Then I just deleted the whole thing. One fell control A and delete. Who the fuck am I kidding.  Two of the biggest ego’s in the NFL sharing a locker room is going to be a disaster from the first week of OTA’s . One is diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, the other is an immature diva who can not handle any adversity or criticism. Both talented WR’s, but incredibly difficult guys to coach. Not what you would call “leaders”.

Marshall has been a tried and true cancer in every locker room he has been in. Miami, Chicago, The Jets. He rarely accepts any responsibility, he criticizes his teammates behind their backs and he’s always seeking attention.  You could say that he never had a decent quarterback throwing to him, and that maybe his attitude is justified, but is that going to be the excuse for why he has burned bridges with half the teams in the NFL? Granted Eli is a FAR superior quarterback than the likes of Jay Cutler/Chad Henne/ Every Jets QB, but how the hell is he going to respond after that  yearly game where Eli throws 4 interceptions and 140 yards. He’ll be in the post game press conference verbally sub tweeting Eli and throw him under the bus like he has done with all his QB’s. He may be a great wide receiver, but hes not the veteran I want guiding young guys like Sterling Shepard and Paul Perkins. There’s going to be a fight within 2 weeks of OTA’s mark my words.