Game of Thrones had a hell of a day. The only news we’ve gotten so far about the upcoming season is its been delayed a bunch and the actors are cold as shit while filming. The average fan like myself hasn’t cared much. I’ll watch it when it comes out, whenever that may be. But not the die-hard fans. Oh no, they’ve been dying without their GOT. Because when the season 7 poster appeared today they Lost. Their. Fucking. Minds:


That poster is “meh” at best. It’s NOTHING. Just ice with some fire and a hashtag. Winter is coming and so are the fucking dragons. I get it. But I don’t get why some people were freaking out over it. The media geniuses at GOT doubled down on the excitement when they announced the premiere date LIVE….via melting ice on facebook…

Yeah. If you actually sat and watched ice melt on facebook you need to go outside and try to have a conversation with somebody IRL because you’re getting too weird for your own good. Seriously, be better. Watch that pregnant giraffe instead, at least that’s semi educational. You should really question yourself if this gimmick got your engine going.

At least the day wasn’t a total troll job* by the GOT marketing department. They were kind enough to finally release a teaser trailer by the end of the day. It’s actually really good too. Wicked intense and full of great lines. Big thanks for not wasting our time with just #GOTS7 and a date, that would’ve been pretty shitty.


*You know what? This might not be a troll job. Maybe the GOT people are even bigger nerds then the fans and they actually thought this was brilliant stuff. Entirely possible.