Man I love this dude. Embodies every thing that a Raiders fan is. Aggressive, confrontational, and just a tad pathetic.  Guy’s probably hanging out in his bathroom, trying out different eye paint color schemes when along come some spineless dog walker invading his privacy.  Taking pictures of birds? That’s what Planet Earth is for.  Go Google some rare warblers and stay the fuck out of Raider Nation.

Not for nothing, but I learned everything I need to know about our camera man the second I saw that logo. If you don’t see that logo and immediately know what kind of person wears one, that’s on you. Unfortunately,  this kid seems like he has seen more foreign films than football games and had no idea what kind of heat he was walking into when he decided to give a little back talk. He almost got out of that mud pit with his pride, but instead he decided to throw a petty jab about the guys bushes.

Oh my bushes are ugly. Well you got an ugly face. How about I kick your ass.

Boom Roasted.

Oh its not a threat, its a promise. I will kick your ass.

Raiders fan and a defense attorney. Pretty sound ideology there to. If you commit the crime, you no longer get charged with the a threat right? Double Jeopardy, duh.

So this guy has to become the Raiders mascot right? Have him hang out in the parking lot offering up public beat downs to Bronco’s fans on the way into the game. Put him on the sidelines to to threaten promise to beat Phillip Rivers ass on every third down conversion. I bet my bottom dollar hes another one that doesn’t “believe in violence”