This is a huge month for gamers. Sony’s exclusive new powerhouse franchise, Horizon Zero Dawn (terrible name), dropped on February 28th and the new Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be came out on March 3rd. The rest of March is packed with some huge titles. On the 7th we got Ghost Recon: Wildlands and then on the 21st the new Mass Effect: Andromeda will be released. Some other big titles to look out for in March, Nier Automata(3/23, PS4 only) and MLB The Show 17 (3/28, PS4 only).

Here’s a quick breakdown of these games, I’ll go more in-depth with Horizon since I’ve put about 15 hours into the game so far.botw - Copy

Zelda Breath of the Wild (3/3, WiiU and Switch) – I mean its Zelda, at this point in life you should know what a fucking Zelda game is. This game is breaking metacritic records right now as it sits with a 98 score with perfect reviews from all the major outlets. By far the largest Zelda game ever created, its something like 15x the size of Ocarina of Time, with a whole lot to do. The game will take hundreds of hours if you want to do everything possible. Too bad itll be so hard to play because Nintendo is the worst and you wont find a Switch anywhere. They love creating artificial demand for their consoles and other products, and shocker – they’re doing it with the Switch. Plus who the fuck wants to play on a WiiU.


Ghost Recon: Wildlands (PS4, X1, PC) – online co-op third person shooter. Like most ghost recon games it is heavy on the tactical side and will punish you for mistakes. I played about 10-15 hours on this game in both the closed and open betas and about another 5 hours since its release. The game has huge potential but it can also be pretty boring. You can play solo but it’s really slow and dull when you do that. If you don’t have 1-3 buddies to play with it may not be for you. Everything is the exact same if you play alone or online. Except if you play solo they give you 3 AI squad mates, if you play with 1 buddy its just the two of you. Squads go up to groups of 4. The enemy AI isnt great unless you turn up the difficulty to max, it’s pretty easy to kill people without being noticed. Also – while the map is gigantic its fucking empty with very little to do except for what seems like the same types of missions over and over. Go here, steal this or interrogate someone then escape. Its not bad, just repetitive. Ubisoft just announced last week their plans for DLC, including a pricey $40 season pass, which may be worth it.. The good news is they announced a player vs player (PVP) mode of 4v4, which I think could be awesome if its as tactical as the game. Either way – its worth a look and has huge potential if they clean up some issues.


Mass Effect: Andromeda (3/21, PS4, X1, PC) – 4th game in the Mass effect series, although this game is a new spinoff with no connections except for species and fact that it’s in space. ME games are third person shooters with a ton of story. This game is easily gonna be a game of the year contender with huge sale numbers. The combat system looks deep and fluid with ability to change your character’s class on the move. The story of traveling to a  new galaxy and being the aliens there is exciting and different from the originals where you fought invading aliens. Also there will be so much space alien banging. This is by far my most anticipated game coming out after Horizon. I love the series and highly recommend going back and checking them out.


Now, let’s talk about Horzion Zero Dawn. I’ve been waiting for this game since 2015 and man it was worth the wait. HZD was created by Guerrilla Games who developed the FPS Killzone series, which honestly wasnt that great. Horizon is completely different, a massive open world third person RPG.  I’ve played about 15 hours and god damn I am hooked. First off, the game is simply beautiful. The lighting and shadow effects are unbelievable and I am constantly stopping myself to look at how detail they put into this world. These are two in game screenshots, the world just shows you how much the developers cared.

hzd3 (1) - Copy

hzd4 (1) - Copy

Horizon’s gameplay is flawless with enough variation in weapon designs and skill trees to allow you to play how you want. Personally, I am all about setting up traps and bombs in a choke point and driving enemies right into their deaths. It’s incredibly satisfying. If you care at all about a game’s story you need to play this game. Horizon takes place in a very new and refreshing world with a story unlike any other game. I’d honestly play the first hour of the game over and over again because I thought it was that good. Although it still sits below The Last of Us which is the GOAT. Buy this game, play this game, lose your life to this game.

Here are some videos to check out for all the games. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments.