I’d like to see the outtakes from that news reel. The people they showed were in far too good of spirits for their situation. I need to see the interviews of the people that were furious and the people that were broken. I would be broken. I’d be sitting on the ground by an outlet texting my mom and girlfriend about how much life sucks and everything sucks and I fucking hate airports. I would not be happy.

I know nothing about flight. I can’t wrap my mind about flying in general. Let’s all jump in this metal box and go into the sky! Makes no sense. I really don’t understand why they would have to circle the ocean for four hours to burn off fuel. That seems… dumb. Just land the plane and keep the fuel?

Imagine if a journalist or someone of note was on this plane? Live tweeting flying in circles. That would have been insufferable. Instead, it was full of happy go lucky vacationers like Felicia who weren’t even phased.




P.S. The TV producer using “not in Hawaii” as their descriptions was pretty good.