Here’s some quick information on Nurse sharks…

Yeah, they’re technically sharks but they are also named nurse sharks, which is basically an oxymoron. No one is afraid of nurses and everyone is afraid of sharks. The only way this shark could have a worse name is if it was called Nice Shark.

They are so slow and have such bad teeth that they only eat dormant fish, crustaceans or algae. Does that sound like a shark to you? Sharks are predators. They are hunters and killing machines. Not nurse sharks though, nurse sharks suck at hunting and killing.

This shark finally finds something that is afraid of it. Some dumb human found it scary and it probably made the sharks day. Finally taken seriously in the ocean world. It got stabbed in the head but that’s exactly what it needed. Proof to bring back to the other sharks and let them know what’s good. If I saw a human walking around with a knife in his head I would be scared of that human. Basic instinct.

Now this Scuba Diver comes by and ruins all the credibility this shark had by doing the ONE THING I know to never do when someone gets stabbed; don’t take the object out. This once feared nurse shark is now going to bleed out and die and worst of all, when his peers see his dead body he’ll just be another pussy nurse shark without a knife in his head.