A little NASCAR talk to start the week off right. Last lap wrecks are like the walk-off home run of racing. It’s pure excitement. It’s even better when it involves Kyle Busch. For those who don’t know, Kyle is the Lebron James of NASCAR. He’s by far the best and most talented driver, but he’s an insufferable douchebag. That’s why this image is SO gratifying….



Kyle got the first swing in, but that’s about it. As you can see in the video Joey got pulled out almost immediately as Kyle was drowning in Pennzoil fists. You can’t lose a fight worse than that. The only thing that saved Kyle’s life was the Monster of a NASCAR official who rag dolled him out of the pile. He literally picked him up like a paper bag and shoved him around. Emasculating doesn’t even do it justice.


Even though I LOVE seeing Kyle Busch get his ass kicked, that wasn’t the highlight of the video. It was the very end when he’s getting pushed around like a department store mannequin and you can see Martin Truex (the guy who won the race) doing donuts on the track behind him. Poetic.