MIRROR – If your head’s spinning, it’s probably nothing to do with beer or wine goggles – these surrealist images are designed to make you feel dizzy. The collection, called Flatland II, is the work of Turkish graphic designer and photographer Aydin Büyüktaş.

He uses a drone to take a series of overhead photos, which he then blends together to create a distorted effect. In each image, it looks like the scene is being squeezed or becoming flatter – hence the collection’s name. He took the photos over a month in the US states, Arizona, Texas, California and New Mexico.

They feature everyday scenes such as farms, fields, roads and sports pitches – as you’ve never seen them before.
Below is a selection of his work. You can view more at his website . Information on upcoming exhibitions can be found here and here .


car parl



football field

cow farm


Well fuck. These pictures are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing. When I look at them long enough I can feel a wave of twisted confusion form at the front of my brain and then woosh to the back of it. Then I’m left dizzy for a couple seconds. What the hell is going on here? All you have to do is warp a picture and bend it in the middle to give me a headache?

When I was younger I had such confidence in my brain. I thought getting depressed was a choice. I thought you could work yourself out of a headache by just ignoring it. What a dumb punk kid I was. When hypnotists came to school functions I always ran on stage just to prove that he couldn’t hypnotize me. Then I always got tapped off stage because it was true, he couldn’t hypnotize me. I was stronger than his voodoo magic. I was in control of my brain. WRONG!

I have no control over my brain. Some dude just tweaked pictures and gave me a headache. That’s how easy the brain can be manipulated. I went into it saying there was no way the pictures would work. No way they would do anything to me. Wrong again! Wild.