Former Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis is in Pittsburgh for a court hearing on Wednesday related to the four felony charges he faces as a result of an altercation on a Pittsburgh street last month.

He no longer faces them. Aditi Kinkhabwala of NFL Media reports that a judge has dismissed all of the charges against Revis. The testimony of Revis’ friend Rashawn Bolton appears to have led to the decision.

Revis objected to being filmed with a phone by one of the two men who wound up unconscious after being punched in the face. Neither they nor a witness identified Revis as the man who punched them as there was another unidentified man on the scene.


We all remember Cris Carter famously instructing all incoming rookies to get a fall guy. It’s the smartest advice ever given to a young professional athlete, despite public opinion thinking otherwise. If your the one making the bread and all your buddies are tagging along for the ride, grabbing paychecks as your ” business consultant” or “head of product development” then someones going to have to take the heat when the gravy train see’s Wiley Coyote up ahead. Its just a matter of business sustainability.  Some dudes gotta stash the gun, someones gotta get rid of the blood splattered suit. Delegation if you will.  The video above shows the after math of the two guys getting knocked out… COLD. We don’t know who’s talking or filming the video, so it’s pretty unclear who’s at fault. Well today we heard that Revis was going with the following defense.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 3.34.58 PM

ALL of Darelle’s charges were dropped after his resident fall guy Rashawn Bolton took the blame, while the accusers were paid a small settlement to cooperate with the story and not press any charges  A judge was convinced that Darelle was simply trying to defend himself when his child hood friend stepped in and saved the day.

Look I don’t know the true details here. This could very well be an attempt at some Pittsburgh yinzers trying to make a buck, or it could be a drunk NFL star who couldn’t handle some heckling and threw down. The truth here doesn’t really matter. What matters here is what we the public learns from this experience.  The lesson we all should be coming away. Always have a fall guy.

P.S. Warren Sapp cracking up as Carter explains all this is 10/10. Obviously warren had never heard of this, or it would have been his fall guy getting arrested for soliciting a hooker the night of the Superbowl. Whoops!