I know this isn’t the normal type of movie I would review, but it’s a great one that deserves some shine. Waking Ned Devine came out in 1998 and although I haven’t seen it since, I’ve always considered it to be one of my favorite Irish movies. I was getting amped up to spend the holiday drinking at Flann’s pub in Boston so on Thursday I night I decided to watch it again to see if it held up to my memory. It didn’t disappoint- it was actually better than I remember.

It’s almost 20 years old so spoilers don’t apply. If you haven’t seen it yet I recommend you do so asap, but that trailer I posted does a good job of summarizing the whole damn thing anyways so I guess spoilers weren’t really a concern in the 90’s. You know the story, a guy wins the lottery in a small town and dies from the shock, the town gets together to claim the prize. It’s 90 minutes of awesome Irish nonsense and poor old men doing poor old men things.

I’ve made a list of notable things that happened and questions I have:

  • Totally normal for 2 guys to do some casual daytime skinny dipping. Not weird at all. Even more normal for the guy to put shoes and socks on before putting on pants, resulting in him driving his moped naked in a rush. Yup, totally checks out.
  • How about that girl who wont marry the guy because he smells like pigs? I mean, I completely understand what she’s saying BUT just break it off completely. Stop saying “we’d be married already if it weren’t for the pigs” because that’s just bitchy. On the other hand, this guy is literally choosing pigs over her soooo there’s that.
  • I’m actually going to backtrack on what I just said. They live in a town of 52 people. They buy groceries from the post office. Being the local pig farmer is probably a pretty important job, and I’m not sure if there are any other jobs available.
  • Again, there are 52 people there. Well actually 51 because Ned died. What are two people in their early 30’s doing there hanging with the elderly all day? Furthermore, it’s borderline child abuse to raise a 7 year old in this town. The next youngest person is his mom. Also there is obviously no school going on there.
  • One more point I’d like to make about the small town. That nasty old bitch on the rascal. How is she not murdered by now? Nobody would miss her.
  • The winning lottery ticket is worth almost $7 million pounds. Split that 51 ways and each person gets $137,255 ish before taxes. That’s a good chunk of change, especially when you consider half the town is probably unemployed. So that’s nice for them.
  • WHAT COULD THEY SPEND IT ON?? They’d have to move right? The guy from Dublin had to take a helicopter over. Do you know where they live? Look here it is:
    Quite the peninsula, no?  Middle of nowhere, yes?
  • Finally, I’ll give out a #spoileralert…. It was SUPER creepy that Ned ended up being the father. Just another reason to move out of that small town. You can’t have young 20 year old girls getting knocked up by 60 year old fishermen. You just can’t.

I’m going to be a little hard on Waking Ned Devine critically because there are a few gaping holes in the plot, things don’t add up, and it’s a ridiculous premise. But it’s entertaining as shit so it’s all worth it in the end

Critic Rating: 83%
Entertainment Score: Perfect 5.0 popcorns

Bonus: hilarious last scene. Fuck that old lady.