New York Post-

The case of Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl jersey has reportedly been solved.

Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer reported on Monday morning that the FBI and NFL security had recovered the jersey and were returning it to the Patriots. The FBI had to be involved because the jersey was found on foreign soil.

The jersey disappeared from the Brady’s locker following their Super Bowl LI victory over the Falcons. The jersey was valued at $500,000.

Jay Glazer on this case like dog the bounty hunter! While its more likely this thing is in Mexico or London or something, I’m just praying that it popped up Russia. Just fits the story line wayyyyy to well. That commie Putin just pulling all his strings to try and fill some trophy case with Patriots memorabilia. He’s already got one of Kraft’s rings, and now he cucked the greatest quarterback in NFL history,  by swiping his jersey as the team popped bottles in the locker room. It just works SO well with the whole Russia/U.S. storyline going on today. Trumps a yuge Brady fan, might be just a tad involved with Russia, and possibly blackmailed by the guy who sports Krafts’ superbowl ring when he gives the thumbs down to some journalist chained up in a Kremlin basement.