follow that car

SFGATE – A 32-year-old man took justice into his own hands and hailed a cab to tail a man who robbed him at gunpoint in San Francisco on Saturday, leading to the robber’s arrest, according to police.

The victim was standing on the sidewalk at 5th and Mission streets at 4 a.m. when the robber pulled up alongside him and asked if he had a lighter, police said.

When the victim approached the window of the car, the robber allegedly grabbed the victim, held a gun to his head and demanded money. The victim gave the man cash and the man drove away, according to police.

Rather than remain passive as the robber made his escape, the victim hailed a cab and told the driver to tail the victim as he called 911.

Officers eventually stopped the suspect’s vehicle and took him into custody, but did not locate a handgun, according to police.

The suspect’s name was not immediately released. Police said he is 50 years old.



How much cash does one carry on them nowadays anyway. At most I have forty dollars on me and that’s a rare rare occurrence. My average is zero dollars but I think I need to change that. If you get robbed at gun point and you say, “I don’t have any cash on me” they immediately make you hand over your entire wallet. I am now going to try to keep a couple bucks on me at all times for this reason.


The main point of this story is that this guy got to say a classic movie line and mean it. Follow that car! What an awesome thing to say. I wonder if cabbies just drive around day to day waiting for a passenger to green light a car chase. I also wonder what the legal ramification of this are. If someone jumps into your car and tells you to follow a car I think you are covered legally. For instance, one time my parents got confused with another set of parents which led to my sister not having a ride home from cheerleading practice. This was before cell phones. My sister never gets dropped off at home. My dad starts to worry. He calls the other parents asking if they have picked her up yet. They say, oh no we didn’t think we were taking her home tonight. It’s been an hour since practice ended so now my dad is in a full-fledged panic that his 13-year-old daughter was left on the streets alone. He speeds down the main road searching for her. Going like 90 in a 35 mph zone. Cop pulled him over and my dad just yelled, MY THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER IS SOMEWHERE OUT HERE ALONE. The cop jumped right back into his car, threw the sirens on and waved for my dad to follow him. Oh my god how did I end up writing this story. Basically, what I’m saying is the cab driver has a legal obligation to follow that car and do whatever it takes to complete the mission.

I was inspired to make this video. Here you go.



P.S. My sister got found. She walked a couple miles down the main highway. Hiding behind trees every time a car passed.