MIRROR – Vigilantes lured a suspected paedophile using a fictitious 14-year-old – then wrapped him to a road sign with clingfilm.

The Ukrainian 22-year-old turned up to his ‘date’ with ‘teenager’ Diana clutching a rose.

But there was no “Diana” – just a group of anti-paedophile vigilantes armed with food wrap.

He had been allegedly sending photos of his private parts to ‘Diana’ and asking her to do the same in return.

He even allegedly said he did not want to share her with other people and sent her examples of the type of sexually graphic photos that he expected from her.

At the end of the video Skakun admits that he is tied to a road sign because he is a pervert and that he does not blame the people who restrained him for what they did.


How weird are vigilante people? I appreciate the effort it took to lure this guy out. There has to be a lot of stages during that process where you questions what you’re really doing. Finding enticing pictures of a fourteen-year-old girl. Creating a fake account. Getting in the mindset of said girl and talking sexy to random guys online waiting for one to bite. That’s a weird life. You’re basically a professional catfish. BUT if the end goal is getting pedophiles off the street then it’s all worthwhile.

These vigilantes didn’t really think out the entire plan though. Once they got to stage two it somewhat fell apart. Instead of punishing him in any way they pranked him like he was a freshman on the football team. Tie him to that post! Haha we got you now fucker! All the while the pedophile is just standing there, stuck to the post with his rose in his mouth nodding along, ‘yes, I am bad. Yes, I am sorry’.

Here are a list of things they could have and should have done instead of saran wrapping him to a sign and calmly telling him how bad he is.

1. Call the police and have him be put on a record as a pedophile.
2. Beat him up even just a little bit. A couple punches here and there that let him know trying to sleep with children is a bad thing. Then call the cops.
3. That’s all. Those are the two options.