Source (this article is great for X-men nerds, I recommend reading the entire thing)…X-Men fans have been wondering just how much of Deadpool 2 will be used as a launchpad to upcoming X-Men movies like X-Force. While out doing the press tour for their new film Life, Deadpool 1 & 2 writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick broke down how Deadpool will be investing its screen time. According to the writers, Deadpool 2 will indeed (at least in part) be used to set up the X-Force team ensemble; but once that film is launched, Deadpool 3 would actually be able to narrow its focus back down ot its central character…

Well how about that! If you read between the lines and make some generous assumptions this article basically says “hey that guy Sheehan totally nailed it, we can’t get anything past him.” BOOM! Of course I’m right. I’m talking about my blog from a couple weeks ago when they released that Deadpool teaser. The internet caught fire trying to analyze every little detail written on trash cans and windows but I’m over here saying “So Deadpool called his suit guy. That probably means something’s up with his suit” and now we have X-Force talk. OMG X-FORCE!!!… ok I’ve never read those comics or know anything about them aside from one thing, that Deadpool looked like this:

And there we have it. Looks like there’s a chance Deadpool busts out the albino suit for this one. Awesome look. 

If you think I’m crazy and thinking too deep into this, go screw. Deadpool’s signature look is the red suit so it makes sense they outfitted him with that in his debut movie, but we all know the white is hot fire. The filmmakers obviously think so too because they snuck in a tribute to the white glory as Wade’s first attempt at a disguise. Quality stuff.