Whats that ancient Buddhist proverb again that fits in perfectly here? Oh yeah: Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit, especially if said person is holding a vat of boiling water. You know how there are certain people/situation combinations that you just inherently know how to handle? You know, the never fuck with a guy in a moving truck, move out of the way if someones carrying 10 beers in a crowded bar, ignore the guy asking “do you have a moment for Jesus?”, don’t fuck with someone preparing you food, type of etiquette? Well, I think its safe to say that “don’t kick someone holding 5 gallons of boiling water” falls into that same category, and this lady just learned that lesson the hard way.

What did she think was gonna happen? That pot is the only weapon in this dude’s arsenal, you think hes gonna take a shin kick, calmly place it down on the stove, and choose to discuss their problems in a calm manner? No way. When your attacked, you use whatever is at your disposal at that given moment. The amount of TV remotes and wiffle ball bats that have fallen in the name of sibling fights in my household growing up could fill up Arlington National Cemetery. If your blindsided with an unsuspecting strike while holding something capable of melting your opponents face off, well maybe they should have surveyed the battlefield a little bit better before they ambushed you with scissor kicks. Probably would have prevented getting vaporized into thin air like the wicked witch of the west.