Seriously, how about my restraint? How about my professionalism? I’ve been tracking the demise of Ben Affleck for months and just when it was coming to fruition I decided to take my foot off the gas and give the man some breathing room. That’s called being a nice guy, take notes.

In the past month Ben checked himself into rehab for the first time since 2001 for alcohol abuse, and his divorce to the genuinely unattractive woman named Jennifer Gardner was called off…. Sounds like a happy ending right? Love is in the air and the mean alcohol man is gone!…. well not so fast. I have a different theory. I don’t think we’ve seen rock bottom for our friend Ben just yet, and I think that woman is to blame. Here’s a photo of him this weekend while being dragged going to church with the wife who wont divorce him.

ben 2

Looking good Ben!! Notice he’s not wearing a wedding ring. Notice he’s dressed like shit. Notice the coffee and overall look of “fuck it”. That’s not a man who decided for himself that he wanted to go to church. I’d say he looks legitimately hungover but like I said, I deserve credit for not taking shots at a guy when he’s down.

Take a look at this post from Ben when he was released from rehab:


There are a lot of words there, but none speak louder than “CO-PARENT”..  Ben’s a great guy and I love him. He will do anything for his children and that includes letting this frail old woman trapped in a young girl’s body continue to tear his life apart. They’ve been separated for a couple years after he banged the nanny but still live in the same house. Can you imagine that tension?? That’s the kind of living arrangement that makes you work long hours and pick up extra shifts… hmm.

Wait a minute… you don’t suppose Ben started harassing his agent to get more work so he can get out of the house, do you? I mean, he has more actor/producer credits in the past 2 years than he did in the previous 5. Here I was thinking his depression was simply because of the several awful movies in a row capped off with the unmitigated disaster that was Live By Night, but no it goes deeper than that. This is all Jennifer Gardner’s fault. If she would just divorce him and move out of the house like a normal parent and share custody, then Ben wouldn’t have pushed himself to this point.  He would be a normal ex-husband drinking too much during the week and getting excited to be the “fun” parent on the weekend by taking his kids to baseball games and trips to the mall for toys. That’s the life Ben wants, but his Bostonian stubbornness has him handcuffed. He won’t be the one to end it. We’ve got a classic marital Mexican stand-off going on in the Affleck household and it’s spilling into the streets/cinema/rehab.  Pray for Ben, because this isn’t over.