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“Cash Cab” is reporting to duty again.

The Emmy Award-winning TV game show that previously ran for 10 seasons on Discovery from 2005 to 2012 is coming back as a reboot with the help of comedian David Steinberg as executive producer.

The series previously followed unsuspecting passengers as they hopped on a taxi for a normal ride, only to quickly discover they’re contestants in a show that could result in cash prizes.

Huge Cash Cab guy.  One of the classic hidden camera shows before they became diluted and blatantly fake. Before Uber existed, the small chance of getting in the cash cab actually made you look forward to hailing a cab. Sure, the fares were staged and plucked in the street before hand, but I chose to ignore that.

I was pretty elated when I saw that it was coming back, and then I quickly held myself in check before I confirmed the inevitable. Ben Bailey would not be the one hosting. Fucking knew it. Way too good to be true. Instead they got some Canadian comedian  to take his place.

A Canadian, driving a taxi in New York City. Just cancel this reboot already. You need a curmudgeon who’s hunched over the wheel when the customers get in and throws on some strange gargely Brooklyn accent before the fan fare goes off. I need the roller coaster of emotion that comes with “This cab drivers a creep” followed only by the ” HOLY SHIT WE’RE ON CASH CAB!!”

Instead we’re gonna get some well mannered dude apologizing to jay-walkers, signaling before changing lanes, and giving people a second chance when they answer a question wrong. No Thanks


Sidenote: I actually met Ben Bailey once on line at a Ramen noodle spot. It was one of the most disappointing celebrity encounters I have ever had. He was one of the nicest, genuine guys in the world, but I was totally bummed I wasn’t meeting him in the cash cab. Even more heart broken when he didn’t hop back in his taxi afterwards and turn the meter on.