mice trap

Okay so we’ve got this guy, Shawn Woods, professional mouse catcher. He shares his videos on youtube for all mouse catchers alike. The other day he shared a video of his new rolling log mouse trap in action. It was his first time using such trap so he was giddy to see how it worked. Turns out the rolling log mouse trap ain’t a fucking joke. It caught 11 mice in one night. Gives me chills thinking about that many mice. Click that link to watch the original. Watch my Yakkity Sax remix video I made of that video here.



The video went viral and everyone is flooding his youtube page with comments yelling at him for putting water in the bucket and killing the mice. “Oh Shawn but you didn’t have to kill them!” “Why not just catch them and release them you JERK!”
What does Shawn Woods, the professional mouse catcher do? He shuts everyone up by posting a video of the trap without water in the bucket. Want to know what happens? One mouse eats the other mouse to death. “Here watch this you PETA mouse loving freaks! This is what happens when you don’t kill them. Watch this carnage! Is this what you want!” Can’t think of a better response.

Here’s the lesson we learned, if you’re not a professional mouse catcher, maybe don’t tell a professional mouse catcher how to go about his mouse-catching.