speedway prositution ring

DANBURY – A prostitution ring that exploited young men with mental disabilities for more than 20 years unraveled this week when police arrested two men authorities say were clients of the operation.

William Trefzger, a previously convicted sex offender from Westport, and Bruce J. Bemer of Glastonbury, the owner of the Waterford Speedbowl and New England Motor Sports, were both charged Wednesday with patronizing a trafficked person.

Authorities said Danbury resident Robert King, who had been arrested earlier, was at the center of the ring, which served as many as eight wealthy men in Connecticut and Massachusetts. King would befriend troubled young men, including one he found prowling through a Dumpster, get them hooked on drugs including cocaine and heroin and, when they had run up debts, pushed them into prostituting themselves, arrest affidavits show.

Police said the ring had been under investigation since January 2016, but Bemer told them King had been sending him young men for more than 20 years. King has been charged with second-degree prostitution and tampering with a witness. Bemer declined to comment Thursday after he was released from custody at Superior Court in Danbury.

At least 15 young men in their early 20s with illnesses including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder were exploited as part of the scheme, court records state. Some of the victims had severe disabilities and were living in group homes.

King sometimes drove the young men to his clients, who typically paid $250 for sex, of which King took $50, the affidavits said. Clients also came to his mobile home on Miry Brook Road near the Danbury Fair Mall.



Well this sucks. It sucks when news like this breaks and you know every town they are naming in the article. Every establishment and every street. At least I don’t recognize the names of the people.

A quick recap. There’s this guy Robert King who lived in the trailer park by the mall. He would find young disabled boys. Offer to give them work and help them out. Instead of helping, he’d get them hooked on drugs and run up debts. Then he’d pimp them out to his rich friends in Connecticut so they could pay off their debt. One of the rich guys owns the Waterford Speedway, a race course open to the public.

Here’s what I don’t get… King made 50 bucks a pop? 15 young men. Over twenty years. 50 bucks at a time. That just doesn’t seem like that much money for the hassle. He’s wrangling in mentally disabled young men. Kids that were so hard to handle their parents threw in the towel and sent them to the streets. He’s taking them all in to live with him in his trailer. Paying for them to eat and drink and do drugs with him. Then he’s driving them all over the state to rich guys. All for 50 bucks in return? I don’t know the average income a pimp for the gay and disabled makes but this can’t be enough. It can’t be worth it.

It sounds like this Robert King dude was just really lonely and dumb. There are no reports that he slept with the kids, which makes me think he just needed friends? The only people he could keep around were homeless and lost kids in their early twenties.

Basically, what it boils down to is if you’re a pimp for twenty years and never move out of the trailer park you’re a pretty shitty pimp.

P.S. Robert King looks like a gay Mike Ehrmantraut