ITS A GREAT DAY FOR AMERICA. Baseball is back which means all is right in our world. Hot dogs, beers, and getting pissed off at your team for making you stay up late just to watch them blow a 9th inning lead on a west coast trip.

Every year I post my top baseball movie clips. Here are my 3 favorite scenes that sum up everything awesome about baseball season.

3- Bull Durham

This might be the most perfect catcher/ump argument of all time. Blown call, anger, misunderstanding, turns into a direct attack on a personal level. It’s a masterpiece.

2- A League Of Their Own

Not everyone has seen this movie, but I guarantee everyone has heard the line “there’s no crying in baseball”. But that’s not what makes it my #2 clip. What makes the scene is the response to the umpire like “pfft I dunno man she’s just crying for some reason”. Completely clueless as to what he did wrong. He wasn’t yelling at a girl, he was yelling at a ball player.

1- Major League

Short, sweet, and hilarious. I could watch this clip all day and still laugh.



…Go Sox