I didn’t plan on writing blogs about the Yankees but baseball is the thing I like the most in life and the Yankees are my team so I think I’ve got to. These will not be thought out informative recaps on the state of the Yankees. They will be my cautiously optimistic ramblings. Here we go.

Okay, so I’ve never been more excited for a game or a team. I’ve probably been as excited but never more. My expectations for this year aren’t high but my excitement is. We’ve got young guys who swing big bats and are looking to plant themselves into the system for good.

The first inning came and all my excitement slowly started leaking out of the balloon. Sanchez smokes a ball but that weirdo Jaden Smith look-a-like gets in the way. Bad break number 1. Then Holliday beats out in infield single, doing exactly what we signed him to do but the umps on the field and the umps in the booth got the call wrong. Instead of two on with two outs we end the inning. Bad break number 2. Then Tanaka gets on the mound and forgets that he’s our ace. Instead of pitching good he pitched bad. Expert analysis there.



In the top of the second. Judge made his case for not hitting 8th by roping the first pitch he saw to the wall. We got the game back in control. It’s 3-2 and all we need is Tanaka to remember who he is. Nope. Instead Tanaka sucks some more. The game is back to out of hand. The excitement bubble has officially burst.



Tanaka said he was a little too hyped up for opening day. An excuse that I will accept now because I want it to be true. It’s also an excuse I will never accept in the playoffs. So hey Tanaka, if you ever have to pitch in the world series I’d appreciate you controlling your hype level a little better. You’re Japanese, you’re supposed to be an even-keeled assassin. Didn’t Kuroda teach you anything? That dude didn’t even like baseball. That was probably a big factor in him never being too hyped up for a start.


Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 11.01.37 AM

Sanchez and Bird combined for an 0-9 night. We can just assume they were too hyped as well. Sanchez did smoke that first ball though. I’m not worried.

Castro had three hits. Love that.

Headley beat the shift three times. Once on a bunt. LOVE THAT. Last April Headley was playing with a toe tag on. Literally anything more than nothing will be a better start for Chase. He had 9 hits last April. He had 3 yesterday. Very proud of Chase.

The bullpen was great.

Evan Longoria scares the shit out of me.

Go Yanks!