Absolutely NONE. And no, its not just because he’s a Mets fan. Trust me, I wouldn’t waste my time blogging fruit hanging that low.  Its the dyer commitment to absolutely everything, followed by the complete naivety surrounding his public transit from Jersey to Queens. The hat, the jacket, the commemorative t-shirt, the pins,  the assumed Mets tighty-whities, the lucky VIP badges he kept from the one time he paid 450 dollars for a meet and greet book signing with Keith Hernandez. All that dedication, and you let the fate of your Christmas morning hinge on the operation of the New Jersey Transit? I’m pretty sure those trains have derailed more times than the amazin’ Mets themselves.  Huge mistake not accounting for that possibility Mr. Fleming.

When your emotionally invested that heavily in anything at all, you give yourself hours of lee-way. Whether you’re seeing favorite band in concert , trying to score tickets to the new Star Wars movie, or just have to get your hands on the brand new iPhone you’re making sure you are unconventionally early. You wake up at dawn, call out of work even though you get off 2 hours before first pitch, and you put aside cab money for a last resort.


“I’ve always done the pomp and circumstance of opening day, where you get to see the wreath come out, the Shea family comes out, you get to see the first pitch,” Fleming told NBC New York. “I didn’t see the first pitch. I don’t even know who threw out the first pitch. I didn’t get to see the national anthem. I didn’t get to cheer Cespedes when they introduced him. I didn’t get to cheer Bortolo Colon’s return.”

Just listen to this 40 year old baby ‘But I get dressed up every year for this, and I didn’t even get to see my favorite base ball player when they introduced him, WEHHHHH’. I guess not cheering Bartolo is a justifiable gripe, but dude the train ran off the fucking tracks! It’s a pretty significant problem within the infrastructure responsible for moving a hundred thousand people a day, I think it takes a back seat to clapping for a man half your age.  And here’s the best part. He made the game anyway!

Fleming says he finally made it to the stadium in time for the game, but the commute took him 10 hours round trip, and he missed all of the opening day pre-game traditions.

On the bright side, Fleming’s beloved Metropolitans won the game, besting the Braves 6-0. Unfortunately, the trip back to New Jersey was also a drag, with Fleming reporting overcrowded train stations, misinformation, and general chaos. “All you see is a sea of humanity and nobody knows what’s going on,” Fleming said, speaking, once again, for all of us.

10 Hours is laughably sad. I don’t think there is any commute that would reach the 10 hour mark for me. I think it would take around 6 hours until I would just find the cleanest surface, pull the sweat shirt over the head, and take another crack the next morning. I could just see this guy fuming out his ears surrounded by a bunch of drunk fans chanting “Meet the Mets!”. Probably knocked over a bunch of kids Costanza style when the subway doors opened.