After the success that Twitter had allowing users to watch life Thursday night games in 2016, it seems that a new sheriff is in town in the streaming game. Amazon has reportedly purchased the rights for next years season, and paid 50 million dollars compared to Twitters’ winning bid of only 10 million dollars last season.

I personally think they overpaid. Yes the numbers were promising last year, but that was for a free service, with a much larger audience. Now, its five times the price, but sits behind the Amazon Prime paywall ($100 per year) that touts about 65-70 million subscribers, significantly less than Twitters roughly 315 million users. While this could bolster the Prime subscriber count, I could imagine it would only acquire the market of football fans who were close to signing up for Prime already, but just needed something like this to put them over the edge. After all, if you only had an interest in the Thursday night games and none of the other Prime benefits or content, you would just buy the RedZone Channel or the NFL package.

However, if they can integrate shopping to go along side the game, there could be a lot to work with here. One stop shopping during the most exciting game of the week, would be a total game changer. Now Jets fans can shop for a new TV remote at half time after the old was thrown against the wall and shattered into a million pieces. Jags fans can buy “Don’t Kill Yourself” books after losing to the Titans 18-7. We can all order some five hour energy before the game and have a drone drop it off in your lap just as Phil Simms and Al Michaels start lulling you to sleep.  Also kind of hope they start selling those FIRE color rush jerseys on Amazon, this way I can satisfy my desire to be dressed in pea soup and baby shit after watching Blake Bortles thrown an interception off his foot.