Game two of the season. First win of the year. Not a walk off. Not a perfect game. Not sure a Gatorade bath should have happened.

Growing up a Yankee fan comes with a lot of perks. A lot of winning. In my formative years, the Yankees finished on top of the division every year and had great chances in the playoffs. That was a lot of fun. The downsides of growing up a Yankee fan are that it’s a little stuffy. I’m not going to deny that. There’s a lot of the world series or bust, act like you’ve been there before, this is business not fun mentality passed around. Some of it I agree with. World Series or bust is very true (except this year because we are in a building year). I remember when the Yanks won the ALCS in 2009 and the clubhouse was full of champagne and dudes jumping around screaming. Then Posada strolled through the scene. He had his shower shoes on, towel around his waist and walked casually to his locker. Posada didn’t give a fuck about the ALCS. World Series or bust. He was a grizzled veteran with only one thing in mind. I like that. I got a kick out of that.

This year and this team are different. It’s a youth movement. We’ve got 5 starters under the age of 25. We’ve got guys who are the foundation of the future. If they want to have fun, I think they should have fun.

When I first saw the Gatorade bath I thought, ‘really? what the fuck that’s embarrassing,” but now I’ve thought on it a little and it’s okay. Go have fun. It’s not like Toe didn’t have a great night. Second home run of his career. (but are we going to Gatorade bath after every win/big homer?)



Also, everyone say hello to Mr. Shift Beater, also known as 2017 Chase Headley