principal fired

SFGATE – A group of reporters and editors from the student newspaper, the Booster Redux at Pittsburg High School in southeastern Kansas, had gathered to talk about Amy Robertson, who was hired as the high school’s head principal on March 6.

The student journalists had begun researching Robertson, and quickly found some discrepancies in her education credentials. For one, when they researched Corllins University, the private university where Robertson said she got her master’s and doctorate degrees years ago, the website didn’t work. They found no evidence that it was an accredited university.

“There were some things that just didn’t quite add up,” Balthazor told The Washington Post.
The students began digging into a weeks-long investigation that would result in an article published Friday questioning the legitimacy of the principal’s degrees and of her work as an education consultant.
On Tuesday night, Robertson resigned.

“In light of the issues that arose, Dr. Robertson felt it was in the best interest of the district to resign her position,” Pittsburg Community Schools announced in a statement. The Board has agreed to accept her resignation.”



You idiots! You fucking idiots. All of you. The Principal who put a fake college on her resume and the students who caught her. Idiots!

The students were so close to having the perfect situation play out. There is nothing more fun than a good investigation. That’s why I offer detective work at my store. Digging into a rabbit hole and searching for answers is a blast. Then you start to find actual evidence that what you think you know is true. Amazing!

Here’s the issue, once you have the Principal figured out. You have to use that to your advantage. Negotiate a little. Get yourself some faculty parking spots. Get a key to the staff bathrooms. Get a key to all the vending machines. Infinity hall passes. A+ in every class. Fucking deal! Don’t get her fired because you know what happens then. The next principal comes in and you are immediately known as the rat organization that gave the previous hire the boot. If I’m the next Principal I am dismantling the newspaper immediately. Sorry, budget cuts!

These kids probably think this will get them ahead in life. Northeastern is going to be knocking on their door with full rides now. Hate to break it to you but whoever your EIC is, they may enjoy some benefits. The rest of you, no one gives a shit. You googled a college. You could’ve had the best senior year ever, instead you’re back to writing about how the school’s new recycling program is really working out!