You know what this is? This is a fucking statement. The B’s have won their last 6 and clinched a playoff spot for the first time in 3 years. Everyone’s wondering whether or not Marchand will be suspended for slapping a guy in the balls, but not me. Oh no, I couldn’t care less (unless that suspension carries into the playoffs of course). I have faith that the NHL will look at that hit, recognize that it wasn’t great, but also have a brain and not throw the book at him.

It was a little jab in the midsection. Yeah it went a little low but the guy wasn’t wearing a cup either. Just because he was laying on the ice practically dying shouldn’t affect the severity of the punishment. Marchand fucked up, oh well. It’s what he does. He’s just getting into playoff form. They need that chippy little ball of hate if they’re going to make a splash this postseason.

In summary: The Bruins are in the playoffs again. They’re literally kicking dicks in. Marchand is our perfect little hot head who will probably get an extra few days rest before the real games begin. I couldn’t be happier with how last night went.