This quick little video is almost completely meaningless aside from the fact that the little clock at the top gives away the Aug. 18, 2017 release date.  If you want to get an overwhelming amount of nerd information about this clip, check out this guy’s video. He has a lot of info based on the comic book history of the characters, but everyone knows that means shit in the MCU.

I prefer to go a little more basic than that, like piecing together what we actually see in the scene… I know, weird right?  Like their appearance, Luke and Jessica are in their normal attire. They always wear the same damn thing no matter what the occasion so we can’t get much from that. Iron Fist and Daredevil are dressed up in suits and ties, which means they obviously weren’t planning on getting in a fight. Daredevil is wearing headband- which is confusing- because for one he looks like the comic version of Iron Fist, but more importantly why would he cover his face at this point? Unless he walked into the building like this, which is attire suggests otherwise, it makes no sense to keep his identity a secret because cameras are clearly everywhere and saw him before the mask went on. Bizarre. Unless the creators decided to scrap his big red suit? Because to be honest he’d look like a joke running around with three other heroes if he’s the only one in a special suit.
Their body language suggest they’ve just been through some fighting. Luke is full of bullet holes and Iron Fist is clearly upset. You can’t put much stock in Jessica smashing the camera because that’s just an average move for her. She’s a tightly wound bitch that can snap at any given moment.
My educated guess is this is the moment when all four of them meet for the first time. They all arrived there individually and coincidentally at the same time while investigating their own piece of The Hand’s crime puzzle.

For what it’s worth, here’s what they look like in Netflix’s version vs the comics.



The average person’s reaction to this is probably “Oh, another Marvel thing? Cool
But to the casual fan like myself who has been following the individual “origin” series leading up to this point, we’re more like “Jesus fucking Christ. FINALLY!” because this has been a long time coming. (I’m not including a “die hard fan” reaction because deep down, in my heart of hearts, I know they don’t exist. It’s the Defenders- nobody knows who they are.) They got us hooked with Daredevil, maintained momentum with Jessica Jones, but then hit a brick fucking wall with Luke Cage. That piece of shit dragged on forever. Iron Fist comes along next with a better but not great attempt, but whatever- we got through it. Now the ensemble series can happen and for some reason I have high hopes. Daredevil is the only one that can maintain a leading role, the others are supporting characters at best. So it’ll be interesting to see how this all lays out.