Scum. Of. The. Earth. This is why you don’t take a “hood fucking rat” is right. This creature right here is a vile, lifeless succubus who surprisingly has gotten this far with her heinous approach to life without getting rag dolled up and down Grand Concourse.  This video right here is the blue-print for when horrible people create their problems, know they are wrong, and just refuse to accept it. Its got all the ingredients. They repeat the same phrase trying to get you to comply out of strict annoyance, and stall while they figure out what to say next ( wanna play yourself, call the cops right now). They change up their desires and complaints over and over again because they are arguing into dead ends, and they usually go out with a bang when they realize they have lost, whether its a kick to a fender, and knocked over bodega shelf, or in this case, some spilled juice.

I’m no legal expert, but this chick should be arrested right? I’m not totally sure if there was a crime committed, but the quickness in which this lady just audibles to false rape accusations over an Uber fare makes me legitimately worried about what kind of shit shes pulled in situations with higher stakes. There could be some dude locked up falsely accused of kidnapping because she got onions on her burger. Some guy could have been straight up stabbed out of “self-defense” when he was delivering her mail.

Anyone going around yelling rape as their trump card does so because it has worked in the past, and it scares me that this seems like the first time it backfired in her face. Rape is a serious offense and tarnishes your reputation if your even mentioned as a possible accuser.  Aside from being completely unwarranted and disrespectful , if the camera wasn’t running this bitch could have gotten him fired, arrested, and deported and be back into the Jacuzzi at spa city by happy hour.  No one should just be able to walk around freely wielding that power, even if you were in the Daily News (Probably the NYPD Blotter)

And the best part of this video, is this guy “losing his cool” at the end once the cockroach scampers off. He lets himself get to maybe a 4, and then he apologizes for his language like hes Prince Hakeem in Coming To America. What a class act. Guy keeps calm, doesn’t allow it to get physical, lets the meter run, AND shouts out his employer in a viral video! Love this dude and pretty much everything he did in handling this.  He does rip on the BX a little bit, but I understand. As long as he understands that lady’s not from here, shes from another planet.

I hope to god whoever was behind the counter at that store at the end had a charger. And it doesn’t fit her phone.