This shit infuriates me. We don’t know what started the fight. All we know is this girl says that he called her a pussy and she’s out to prove that she’s not. She rains haymakers on him as he casually walks away wearing his sombrero and sipping his beer. He’s just trying to enjoy his spring break. She rocks him in the face and he’s like, ah shit my sunglasses fell off, need to pick these up, it’s sunny outside. Slowly picks them up, takes a hundred more shots to the face while never breaking stride walking away.

A lot of people are saying he should have fought back and protected himself. That he’s a pussy for not standing up for himself. Let me say this loud and clear. If you think this guy is a pussy you are as stupid and as trashy as the girl throwing punches. She walked away thinking, ‘yeah who’s the pussy now! I showed him’. Ummmm you’re still the pussy because you threw fifteen punches at his face and he didn’t even blink. That dude is lounging on the beach laughing and telling his friends about this crazy broad from the elevator. The girl is in the lobby, pounding her fist into her palm starting sentencing and not finishing them because she’s so mad and flustered still. “Who’s the fucking pussy now!” You are, you’re also trash and a child and you stink and I hate you.