New York Post-

A New York developer is willing to give up half of his $2 billion fortune just to end his messy divorce case — and he can’t stop laughing about it.

Developer Harry Macklowe, 79, was in a joking mood outside a Manhattan civil courtroom Tuesday as he talked about handing his wife, Linda Macklowe, a cool $1 billion so she will sign legal papers freeing him to be with his younger French love interest. “As soon as this divorce is over, I’m getting remarried,” he declared after a hearing into his breakup with his spouse of 58 years, who has thus far not agreed to his offer of a 50-50 financial split.

The giddy real estate mogul then launched into an impromptu comedy set for reporters, telling a string of “Take my wife — please”–style jokes straight from a Henny Youngman routine.

Macklowe — who’s developed such iconic properties as the 1,396-foot-high 432 Park Ave. — is engaged to be married to 62-year-old mistress Patricia Landeau, a museum president.

As he cracked his wife jokes Tuesday, Macklowe seemed unconcerned about the prospect of losing half of his fortune.

He even suggested reporters check out the stand-up routines he’s posted on Old Jews Telling Jokes.

He griped that his wife — who is an art-loving trustee of the Guggenheim Foundation — never laughed at his wisecracks.

He complained about how she refused his offer to give her half his money — and instead served him with divorce papers as he arrived with his new romantic partner in London last year.

Linda Macklowe, 79, filed for the divorce in July after learning that her husband had put his French mistress up in one of his apartments at 737 Park Ave., less than a mile away from their home at the Plaza hotel.


Life goals right here. You want to know what “Fuck you” money is. It’s Harry Macklowe’s bank account. Just laughing in his wife’s face, cracking old Dangerfield jokes to the press, plugging his stand up routine on “Old Jews Telling Jokes”. Just jacked up to get rid of his old hag wife to ship out and has no problem what so ever to give her a cool billion to do so. “Oh you won’t let me fuck my french side piece, and you never laugh at my jokes? Heres a cool bill, fuck off and die” I mean come on, how could you not giggle a little at this guy. Hes like a cocky, confident Larry David…except with double the bank account.


Sure, its an incredibly bold move to put your mistress up in an apartment less than a mile away, but hey, this guys just shy of eighty years old. The clocks ticking. You can let crosstown traffic get in the way of what could be your last blowjob. I’m surprised he didn’t just move her in down the hall.

And before you get flabbergasted that this woman is not accepting the deal, just realize it’s not about the money at this point. Shes been listening to this guy crack corny jokes for the last 40 years. Every morning she’s hit with a “Hey honey did I tell you the one about the lawyer and the Rabbi?!” or a ” You know what my Urologist said when I asked him how to perform Jewish fore-play?!”. She’s sick and tired of Harry being so jovial and happy all the time. It’s worth just as much to her to see him held up in court, as it’s worth to him to be able to go gallivanting around Europe banging a clear upgrade.