A Queens man swiped more than 100 cell phones from fans at the Coachella music festival in California and was nabbed after victims activated their “Find My iPhone” app, cops said Monday.

Reinaldo De Jesus Henao, 36, did most of his sticky-fingered work on Friday night at the Sahara Tent of the massive music, arts, food and culture event in the Southern California desert, about 130 miles east of Los Angeles, Indio police Sgt. Dan Marshall said.

Once people started losing their phones, they used Apple’s app to locate their missing devices – and all dots allegedly led back to the 6-foot, 250-pound suspect.

“A bunch people activated their `find my phone’ and pointed at, `Hey it’s that guy, my phone, my dot, it’s moving with that guy,’ ” Marshall said.

Security guards grabbed Henao for Indio cops, who found more than 100 presumably stolen cell phones in his backpack, officials said.

At least 20 of the phones have been reunited with their owners while others are still with the festival’s lost and found, Marshall said. Henao was booked on suspicion of grand theft and receiving stolen property, according to jail records.

It wasn’t immediately clear if the suspect had traveled to the famed, two-weekend-long event just to rip off cell phones, Marshall said.

At first I was going to give this guy props. He recognized a completely untapped market, and penetrated the shit out of it.  If your a phone thief, Coachella is probably the holy grail. Think about it. Chicks are careless enough with their phones let alone when they are high/drunk, aren’t wearing pockets, and are frolicking around to the sweet sounds of The Lion King theme song.  You know how it is when you lay down in the park or something. Phone falls out of the pocket, or gets left behind in the grass. Add some strong ecstasy, a little sticky icky, and 2 shots of fireball on top of that and your phone pretty much grows legs and just walks right into this dudes backpack.

But to do all that market research and fly across the country only to get nabbed by the most basic bitch app on the iPhone in the world? That right there voids the my intended props. As my elementary school basketball coach used to say, you swam across the Atlantic ocean only to drown in the puddle. Find my iPhone? I thought it was common knowledge that phone thieves knew a work around. Shit, the charming little 14 year old who robbed my phone last year at knife point disabled it right in front of me.  Pretty sure it took 2 swipes. Can’t go around stealing a hundred phones if your not well versed in how to disable its tracking.

But I will commend him on leading the good fight against this decades old concert killer

Leave this guy around for another day, and you’ll probably be able to see the pubes that make up Kendricks beard rather than the hoard of assholes filming a live streamed concert.