Star Wars Celebration was this past weekend and as expected, EA was there to show off their new trailer for Star Wars Battlefront 2. Before we get into the trailer lets talk about the other Star Wars games in development. Currently there are 4 major AAA star wars games in development (that we know of), only 3 of them actually matter.

First  up we have the expansion of Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic. This really doesn’t matter or mean much for anyone. SWTOR is a free to play MMO thats been around since 2011. Its cool, but nothing special and unless you’ve been playing since it came out, it’s not for you. Bioware makes awesome CGI trailers for their games but the game looks nothing like it at all.


Next up we have the game I am most excited about being developed by Visercal games, creators of the Dead Space series. There is no title for the game yet, and very little is known about it except its being slated for a 2018 release date. The reason to be hyped about this game – Amy Hennig. Amy Hennig was the creative director and head writer for the Uncharted series, which focused heavily on story and character development. She is one of the biggest reasons that series became as popular as it is. For Visercal she’s creating an original story in the Star Wars universe and that’s enough for me to say its one of my most anticipated games. Really hoping they drop a trailer at E3 in June.

After that we have Respawn Entertainment’s untitled star wars game. Respawn has only created the Titanfall games. We know this game will be a 3rd person action adventure which is as generic a description you can get. I’d expect the game to be some sort of shooter with a lot of vehicle fighting and not much of a story. Put me in control of some AT-ATs and I’m good.

Finally, we got Star Wars Battlefront 2 coming out November 11, 2017. I’ve done a complete 180 on this series. Last year, I did not care at all for Battlefront. The game seemed like a Battlefield 4 reskin with close to no content. The fact they charged full price for that game and then added a $50 season pass that was a complete waste of money is bananas. The timing of the game and lack of content just screamed of EA prying on the Star Wars revival hype and selling people on nostalgia. This trailer though, oh boy I am so in. EA finally took in fan criticism and used it. A star wars campaign, that is canon, directly after Return of the Jedi and you play as the empire? Sold. Take my money EA. The campaign is being created by EA Motive headed by Jade Raymond. EA Motive is also helping Visceral with their game and Jade Raymond is known for the Assassin Creed games when she was head of Ubisoft Toronto. I have high hopes for the campaign, I hope it is focused on the survival of the Empire – similar to the old Thrawn books, and that we see the return of Thrawn since his new book was just released.

News dump for this game:

  • Campaign will take place in the 30 year gap between ROTJ and The Force Awakens
  • Playing as the Empire, specifically the Inferno Squad which will be featured in an upcoming Star Wars novel
  • Rumor is you will also get to play as Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren in the campaign
  • DICE (Battlefield series) are in charge of the multiplayer which will stretch across all three eras of Star Wars
  • Space battles are back being developed by Criterion who created Burnout and the X-Wing VR experience for last year’s battlefront


Side note – EA better be creating a new Knights of the Old Republic, one of the greatest star wars games out there. There are rumors floating around and I’m praying they are real. Star wars stories from hundreds of years before the movies is some of the best stuff about that universe. Don’t let me down EA, I know you will but cmon, don’t.