The Son

Recap & Thoughts

We open up with Phineas and Eli getting ready for their meeting with the bigwig investor in Austin. Eli can’t button up his shirt so Phineas has to do it for him. Phineas was raised wealthy and civilized. Eli was not, yet another reminder.

At the sit-down Eli talks about the Comanche with high regard. It’s nice to hear him speak of them. I really want old Eli to talk about his time in captivity with the Comanche.

The investor is only interested in meeting the famous “First Son of Texas”, Colonel and Comanche survivor. He has no intent on giving the McCulloughs money. When Eli hears this we see a fantasy scene in which he scalps the man and screams in Comanche. Once again the writers getting a little out of hand. This felt super forced to me.


The investor didn’t want the land because South Texas is just fresh of a war and as we know, not safe from bandits who are still fighting. It also had produced no oil yet. Eli is determined to make money and refuses to sell pieces of his own land in order to get by.

Young Jeannie finds Cesar’s blood in the shed and begins to question everything. What happens after death? Are the McCulloughs good? That boring shit.

Maria finds Pete in town and asks him about Cesar. Pete lies to her and says he has no idea. After their inevitable love affair this lie will probably blow up in his face.

The money man for the bigwig investor apologizes to Phineas. They share a touch and a look then head someplace private to get a drink. Phineas is gay? I hope this isn’t gratuitous and in the end helps further the plot. It makes the past scenes with Sally interesting. Maybe that love affair is only one sided. Sally will fall for Phineas but he will deny her because she has a vagina.


Pedro meets with the leader of the Mexican bandits that blew up the oil rig. Pedro advises him to stop making an enemy out of Eli. The dude says, nah, but you better watch your shit, and hands him a list of supplies he needs to borrow. Pedro complies. This man also compared his gang of men to the Indians, which goes into my theory that Jeannie will be abducted by the Mexicans much like Eli was by the Indians.



We go back to 1849 to catch up with young Eli. He is being trained to be a Comanche warrior. But he kind of sucks at it, which leads to his new name “Pathetic White Boy”. A name I can sympathize with.

Prairie Flower comes into his tent at night and drops some context on us. Charges the Enemy is set to marry her once he gives her father 20 horses. This will be bad for Prairie Flower because Charges the Enemy only loves himself and he will cut her nose off if she cheats on him.

During Comanche warrior training camp Charges the Enemy hits Eli with a broad bow. Eli charges him (how bout that) and almost gets choked to death as a result. Toshoway saves him because Toshoway has grown a fondness for him. He teaches him the difference between honor and pride.


Right after Prairie Flower and young Eli lay down together we jump forward to Old Eli visiting a women friend in Austin. The first time we see her she is planting flowers. The way they transitioned that we are led to believe that this old woman is Prairie Flower. Old Eli and this lady have sex. Then they smoke from a peace pipe together and  Eli contemplates his life and what it all means.

The camera focused on a picture of a young girl on the bedside. Then we see Eli pick up the picture and look at it sadly. It seems that he and this woman (Prairie Flower?) may have had a daughter together at one point who died as a child.


Pothead Eli falls asleep and has a dream in which he speaks with Toshoway. Toshoway finds out about what happened to his people. “So we were the last of the free?” he asks. Eli responds, “It was over after Palo Duro, an entire empire, stomped, sickened, and beaten. Consigned to dust.” Toshoway takes this in stride. ‘You have your time, it passes, something new gets built (shoulder shrug)”.

They speak about destiny. Eli wants to be remembered after he dies. He tells Toshoway that he is forgotten. Toshoway is like bitch you just said you think of me every day. I think the lesson Toshoway is teaching in this dream is that it doesn’t matter if you are remembered it history books. It matters how you are remembered in the minds and actions of the people you leave behind.

After his time with his women friend and his dream with Toshoway Eli tells Phineas to sell a couple sections of the ranch.

Maria sees the Bandits borrowing tools from her father. She confronts him that he is only allowing more killing to happen. He plays the innocent bystander, as he has been doing for years.

Pete has been conflicted with killing Cesar. He tried to let him go free but Cesar attacked him. He shouldn’t be too upset, it was self-defense but it’s eating at him. He is the good son. In a drunken stupor he starts digging up the body. Sally and Sullivan somehow find him in the night and stop him. He should be thankful because if he dug up the body and delivered it to Cesar his father may have scalped him.


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