I hate to be the tinfoil hat guy, but this doesn’t really compute. Aaron just got off double murder charges last week. Seems like an odd move to kill himself now right? The world knows he’s a scumbag who considered himself to be a gangster badass like Tony Montana, when in reality he was just a rich bitch that had friends who enabled his dumbass behavior.
So now we have a dead guy who strangled himself with his bed sheet in his cell.

I’ve never seen The Wire, but I’ve been told by enough people that this has prison murder written all over it. So I’m running with that. It wasnt suicide it was murder. But who would want to murder him and why? I have a few theories I’m working on:

  • Maybe the tough guy in prison found out Aaron only killed one guy and not 3, took that as a sign of weakness?
  • Aaron has been getting deep into prison gambling and had a cigarette debt he couldn’t get out of
  • Butt sex gone wrong. Always a possibility
  • Robert Kraft has had enough of the Aaron Hernandez “former patriot found guilty of murder” bullshit and decided to put an end to things by hiring a hitman to strangle the shit out of Aaron while he slept and stage his cell to make it look like a suicide. The suicide aspect will soften the murderer story line and the Patriots can maintain their squeaky clean moral high ground reputation. (yup that’s the one)

Those are my thoughts after an hour of soaking up the news. I think I’ve nailed it though if I’m being honest.


PS don’t feel bad for this piece of trash. He’s a wannabe thug murderer who was wasting tax dollars in that little hole of his.