Well, that’s a bizarre video huh? I had my internet detective hat on the other day. I was searching for footage of Judge playing in high school. Gathering some gifs of him stuffing kids in basketball.

While also making his free throws. Dude’s 6’7″!

I was happy to find those but then the internet does what the internet does and led me to the above video. Aaron Judge fake dying in a drinking and driving accident. Cops telling his parents the news. Hospital crews zipping him up in a body bag (do you think they had to special order a body bag for him?) Weird. Super weird find.

For those still completely in the dark. This video is part of an event called Every 15 Minutes that some High Schools do. It’s basically a scared straight about drinking and driving. They pick a handful of kids and stage them getting into a drunken driving accident. Then the whole school watches as they lay there in the wreckage and watch the real-time response time of the ambulance and police. It’s morbid. It’s sad. It’s weird.

But Aaron Judge was the best person this High School could have chosen to die. No brainer decision. He’s literally a giant. He’s a three-sport all-star. He was probably both prom King and Queen. If that guy dies, then the school takes notice. If it was me who died, people would be like, “ah shit, who?” But Aaron Judge dies and the whole state probably mourns him. So not only did Aaron Judge bash home runs, block shots, and break tackles, he also saved lives. He’s a super human.

Also, that was a good acting job by his parents. They were pretty sad about their son fake dying. They were much happier when he for real got drafted.

So here’s to Aaron Judge, a should be football player that is mashing home runs for the Yankees right now, who also saved lives in High School.


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