SOURCE  The parents of Michael Kelleher, a 23-year-old Southborough man who had been missing since March, said his body was found in the Charles River Sunday morning.
“Sadly, Michael was claimed by the Charles River the night of his disappearance . . . this morning, the river gave him back to us,” said Kelleher’s father, Mike Kelleher Sr., in a Facebook posting. The post was shared by Lori Tavella Kelleher, Kelleher’s mother.
Around 9:10 a.m., a passerby spotted a body in the eastern end of the river, at the locks, said State Police spokesman Dave Procopio. The State Police Marine Unit recovered the body several minutes later. The Suffolk district attorney’s office, State Police, and Boston police declined to officially identify the body Sunday.

It doesn’t get much sadder than that. Poor kid’s family will never see Easter the same way after this.

I’ve been waiting to write a follow up to my original post on this subject because when everything’s said and done, there’s still a guy with friends and a family who is dead. Regardless of how it happened, it’s tragic.

So now we, the internet, are left to make opinions based on the facts we know, while knowing we do not know all the facts. It’s a weird position we’re in, but it has to happen and I’m going to use my best judgement going forward.

via BostonGlobe.com. Lane Turner

-Michael Kelleher left the Celtics game alone, drunk.
-He attempted to call for an uber, never got in.
-Girl who was supposed to drive him home left when he didn’t show up, but her story has changed several times. (but she’s scared/freaked out so I get that)
-His debit/credit cards were not used after he went missing
-He was missing for 19 days.
-Police searched for his body around the Garden and in the Charles River using sonar for days, found nothing.
-Kelleher’s body was found in the eastern end of the Charles (by the locks) by someone jogging. The closest point of water accessible on foot near the Garden where he was last seen alive.


I’ve done some research on dead bodies floating (shout-out to the browser history on my work computer) and science says they sink when the lungs fill with water, and float after the body starts to decay.  That makes sense to me, totally checks out. What doesn’t make sense is the location where the body was found, it being the same spot where police searched with sonar for days. It’s also between two locks, in a relatively small area of the river. If the body was there for the full 19 days basic logic says they’d be able to find it using their sonar tech, unless it was just a BassMaster 2000 some cop picked up at Walmart- I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case. But it being between the locks, and so close to where he disappeared, logic tells you the body could not have floated far from the point of entry.

Police also said they “saw no obvious signs of physical trauma on the body or of foul play” which seems kind of difficult to say when you’re staring at a bloated and waterlogged dead body that has been submerged for over 2 weeks. I’m not saying they don’t know what they’re talking about, and they did clarify “obvious” signs, but I feel like that sort of thing being published is meant to minimize the hard questions before they even start. Things like that only ramp up the conspiracy theory needle, which is good for the BPD because those people, like me, are easy to discredit because we don’t know ALL the facts. I repeatedly admit that. I don’t know anything that wasn’t published in the paper. But I do have a brain and can piece together at least one concrete theory

The one thing that all of these cases have in common are that the bodies appear in the water an extended time after their death, in locations that were searched repeatedly by police, and by people passing by. The running theory is that these men are being abducted, detained, killed, and dumped. That’s pretty hard to prove, almost impossible from my standpoint, and the police are always quick to say “no foul play suspected” or “an apparent suicide” despite the victim’s background seemingly discrediting that. So let’s play along. Let’s assume these are all accidents/suicides and everything the police say is true and they’re not secretly withholding evidence from the public while they investigate the murders. What happens when we take away the one constant in all of these deaths? How does the fabric of these stories change when the body is found within 2-3 days of a disappearance?

What if the Boston Police are simply incapable of searching for anything in water?

I firmly believe that there is something going on with these stories beyond what we see in the news. I strongly feel that there are unanswered questions in these disappearances that could be related to a silent serial killer. But if I am putting a restraint on my imagination and only looking for answers based on what is presented to me, it’s clear that the BPD is clearly incapable of searching and recovering anything that falls into water. The Charles has a B+ rating on cleanliness so it’s not like these bodies are buried in sludge. If this is the case and they are unable to do their jobs then this might be a bigger story than a mystery serial killer…

In my opinion it comes down to only 2 possible theories
A) Boston has a secret serial killer.
B) Boston Police can’t find things in water, don’t try very hard.

Both are cause for concern I suppose. This story is gaining traction and the Police will have to address it at some point as more than just internet babble. If they can prove without a doubt that there is no serial killer, then they are opening themselves up to 100% blame for a decade of failure in aquatic searches.