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Yo Denny’s, you gonna pass that dutchie or are we going to listen to you ramble about waffles and DB Cooper for the rest of the day? Fast food social media accounts have been incredibly good at branding themselves and keeping in line with the establishments personality. Wendy’s is usually condescendingly witty as their food is better than all the rest, Burger King is always going out picking fights because its always been regarded as trash, and McDonalds just gets hacked because of lack-luster security (in store, and online).

Well if it wasn’t already, Dennys just cemented themselves as the 2 AM stoner spot with this rapid fire string of thoughts that usually come upon your first couple bong hits. Whether its intentional for the holiday or not, its going viral, its not offensive or harmful to anyone and may even be talked about on Colbert by the end of the week. One Point for the Den’.

It’s a great impression of how your brain strings together thoughts when stoned. I was hitting an oil pen with my cousin at Easter and the first thing he says is ” Power is just crazy man”. I thought it was some insightful comment about politics or religion or something. Nope, he was staring at power lines and just wondered why there were so many wires running in the air in New Jersey, but not in New York City. I told him, that’s because they run underground, and he looks at me and goes ” Now THEY were a great band. Love the Velvet Underground”

So props to you Wendy’s social media intern for showing a glimpse inside the brain of millions of men and women who are celebrating across the globe.

Happy 4/20 and stay safe out there.