Seems like a fucking party huh? People singing, clapping. Exactly how you should be acting if you are about to die and have ZERO control over the situation. Love it. I mean what good is a bunch of panicking and yelling going to do. Its not gonna put out the flames or grant you a magical parachute. Mine as well enjoy the ride, and just hope for the best. Maybe raid the drink cart to get a nice buzz on before you are vaporized at 30,000 feet.

After seeing the expression on this dudes face, something tells me this is standard operating procedure. Just seems like business as usual. Planes on fire? No biggie this happens all the time. Same face I give when I’m sitting on the train, the doors haven’t closed, and I hear that “Attention passengers we are experie-“. If this flaming tin can is going to kill me, just do it already.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 2.57.00 PM

“Should have flown United”