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The Daily Mail

Russia has announced plans to build ‘the world’s biggest aircraft carrier’ to take on America’s Nimitz class ships.The new Shtorm craft, known as Project 23E000E, could cost up to $17.5billion each and enter service by 2030, state media reports.Shtorm class carries would be powered by nuclear reactors and carry up to 90 aircraft, including the newly designed T-50, the report claims.Despite the Kremlin’s claim that the new carrier will be the world’s biggest, its specifications appear similar to the current US Nimitz class ships.

Professor Vadim Kozyulin, an expert quoted by Russian media, admits that the ship will be based on the design for new American carrier USS Gerald R Ford.’It will be a floating airport that is accompanied by an entire squadron of ships,’ Mr Kozyulin said.The new craft will feature a deck the size of three football fields, house 4,000 crew and need specially designed docks to fit inside.Catapult launch systems will mean the new carriers can deploy three aircraft a minute, like its American equivalent, rather than one per minute currently.

Those aircraft will be MiG-29K jets, Russia’s current carrier-based fighter, and a specially modified naval version of the new Sukhoi PAK FA, also known by its prototype name T-50.The new Russian craft could cost between $6.1billion and $17.5billion to manufacture, though the true cost will be higher, as they will require a lot of new infrastructure to be built before they can operate. At the moment Russia has only one aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov, which was built under the Soviets and launched in 1985.

I know our relationship with Russia right now is a little rocky, but I don’t believe there is one single red-blooded American that reads this and doesn’t start laughing immediately. Pathetic. The Russians have unveiled their  Shtorm Shitstorm prototype, but have to wait another 13 years to see it on open water because its so futuristic and advanced and no one has even seen anything like it, right?

Wrong. Even the aircraft carriers we built in the late 70’s shits on this “prototype”.  The Nimitz-Class aircraft carriers, the flagship design of the U.S. fleet holds 1,000 more people and has big ole anti-missle/aircraft arms on the deck, unlike the Shitstorm which relies on back-up from the dinghies buzzing around it.

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Oh yea, and another thing. The Navy, you know that one branch of the U.S. Military? It has ten of these bad boys. TEN!

It’s not like we are a little ahead in production, or have a slight advantage in nuclear propulsion technology. No, no, no, its way bigger than that. We invented this shit years ago, and have 10 times more of them then you do. At this point our prowess in aircraft carriers is simply an undeniable fact.

Just to give you even more of an idea as to where this arms race stands, this is the ONLY aircraft carrier in the Russian fleet. One.

Ship Russia

Trash. Look at that fucking jalopy lugging around the Atlantic. Why even bother jumping into the aircraft carrier game, Russia? Takes you decades to just put together the Lego prototype, and the garbage you come up with is on par with the U.S. ships that have been commissioned years before I was born?

Maybe try holding on to a couple ships instead of scrapping/selling them immediately.

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That’s how you end up with a fam like this.