The Son

Recap & Thoughts

This episode opens up in 1849, which is nice since I like that storyline much more. The Comanche are out looking for buffalo when they are spotted by the Texas Rangers. The Rangers shoot one of the Comanche in the stomach. He starts mumbling some death song (name of the episode) and then the Rangers finish him off. I think the main takeaway from this scene is that Young Eli could have tried to escape and go with the Rangers but he stayed with Toshoway and the Comanche.

In 1915, A Texas Ranger named Bates has come upon Eli’s request. They tell Bates that they have evidence leading them to believe that the Mexican Bandits are going to derail a train in town. Bates says “well, I reckon we gather us up a posse”.

Next Sally warns Pete that he doesn’t have to do this. Pete says, he does have to do it because he’s Eli’s son!

Eli then whistles to his posse and says, “You ladies ready! Let’s kill some bandits!” My word! We’re going from one great piece of dialogue to the next in this episode!

Pete’s son Charles tries to join the posse but Pete doesn’t let him (have we seen Charles before? I don’t remember him).

The local shop keeper, Niles, spouts some racist stuff about how the Mexicans haven’t invented shit. Pete says, hey Niles, shut up!

I do like this shot. Very pretty.



We get introduced to Pete’s other son, Jonas. Have we met these kids before? I’ve reviewed every episode and don’t remember them. And how about this introductory shot. Couldn’t make him more creepy.



Charles joins the posse even though his dad, Pete told him not to.

Back in 1849, Young Eli, who dare I say it… is ugly as hell now puts an injured Comanche horse out of its misery by stabbing it to death.

In 1915, Old Eli and the posse prepare for the ambush on the Mexican Bandits. He sits down with Pete for a little mealtime chat.

Eli asks Pete if he is “back with that Garcia girl” and if that’s where he got his info from. This is the first we are hearing that Maria and Pete have a past together. It was made clear they will have a future together but now it goes deeper. Pete only married Sally because Eli wanted him to. I guess he had to do it “because he’s Eli’s son!”

Neptune, a black guy, walks to the posse group circle and we get a little Forrest Gump, “can’t sit herahh” action. Niles sticks up for Neptune and lets everyone know that he is a brother in arms and he belongs. This is the same Niles that was being racist towards the Mexicans earlier.

Niles and Neptune have a chat about ‘their people’s backgrounds’. About how sharecropping is a farce. Neptune compares his family to Niles family. Niles family started rich then the war turned them into working poor. Neptune’s family started as slaves then the war turned them into working poor. That is until the McCulloughs came along and offered Neptune’s fathers a good wage. This was the best scene of the entire series so far for me. We see that the inhabitants of South Texas had many different paths that led them there. We also see that even the McCulloughs workers hold a little resentment towards them.

Niles tries to goat Charles into thinking he has to live up to his families name. That he has to earn what Eli fought for. Pete pulls Charles away and tells him not to associate with Niles and not to join in on the ambush.

Back at the house, Jonas questions why the Garcias think they killed Cesar, he says maybe Grandpa did something they don’t know about. Jeannie tells him to shut his dumb mouth or she’ll bust his nose open.



Young Eli brings the fallen Comanche back to camp. Toshoway thanks him for doing so. I think this means Young Eli may be fully accepted as a Comanche tribe member.

The ambush is about to take place. We get a cool aerial shot of the situation.



Pete grabbed the lead scout, who was a pretty girl (much like Maria). He held her down and once the shooting began, he let her go and told her to run away.

The Mexicans were run off mostly thanks to Neptune and his machine gun.

Once the Mexicans retreated the posse started to celebrate. Then BAM Sullivan gets shot in the head by the Mexican girl Pete let run away. Pete turns around and shoots her down without thinking. Then he thinks about it and gets SAD.



I don’t know what we gained from this episode. We spent time with Pete’s sons, who we hadn’t really seen before. We didn’t see Phineas at all. Pete is very conflicted but we already knew that. We learned that he didn’t want to marry Sally and he has a past with Maria. That’s about all.

As far as the Comanche storyline, again, it’s pretty empty. Eli got accepted by Toshoway because he brought a dead guy back to camp. That’s all. The two storylines don’t have much of a connection either. If anything we are being shown Eli on two different sides of ambushes. Young Eli got ambushed by the Texas Rangers and old Eli asked the Texas Rangers to help him ambush the Mexicans. That seems to be the overarching parallel of the entire series.


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