The New York Daily News-

The MTA wants to order up to hundreds of “open gangway” train cars designed to be roomier than the familiar close-ended cars on the tracks today.MTA executive Steve Plochochi said Monday at a board meeting that car makers were confident they can build spacious train cars that can handle the unique layout of tracks and stations.

With that assurance, the agency wants to tap into its option to order up to 640 “open gangway” train cars, which is a design used in Toronto and London. These train cars are expected to hit the tracks in 2023.“The feedback we have received is that manufacturers can produce open gangway cars for the New York system and rise to the challenge of addressing unique features of New York City Transit’s 100-year-old infrastructure,” Plochochi said.


Eh, I’ll pass. I feel like this is one change to the system that came totally out of left field. Pretty unwarranted in my opinion. When you think about better ways to spend the beaucoup bucks hauled in by the MTA every year, changing the actual layout of the cars is a suggestion that never really comes into discussion, and for a good reason. The inside set up is pretty well designed as it is, I don’t think there is much room for improvements without bad consequences.

I think we can all agree on one thing here: There needs to be separation between cars. We all know how quickly smells can travel. With an open car design like this, you are now greeted with all the lovely individual odors you come across mashed up into one incredibly pungent poo-pouri. Instead of walking into one car and smelling chinese food-changing cars, smelling human feces-change-car, smelling hobo piss-changing car, etc. You get it all. Combined and thrown right in your face.We ride together, we die together, we smell those McDonald’s fries together.

Just imagine the stampede’s that will result from a guy wearing 5 coats in August taking a shit on the floor of one of these bad boys. With open passage ways, chaos is gonna break out in mid-transit. It’s going to be like the scene out of Lion King. People climbing up walls like Mufasa, running for their lives trampling their neighbors, trying to stay standing as they all enter a hair-pin turn at 40 miles an hour. Total shit show.

P.S. Open Gangway? Pretty sure this is a category on PornHub.